We mine and supply mineral resources that are used to produce different products like ceramics, tiles, dishes, other multipurpose products and are even used for fires in other companies. Shakentol has good record for satisfying customers.


To acquire and explore natural materials exhibiting potential world-class mineral deposits and also joint venture our resources with major production companies having the technical and financial capacity to carry them through to full production.


We take pride in mining and supplying quality materials to our customers. Integrity and Ethical Business practice is our main pririty. We also see to the safety of employees, customers and visitors at our locations

Our History


Shakentol global resources was founded by Mrs sade Adejumo, the CEO of shakentol global resources in year September 2013.

We mine different material resources like coal, feldspar, white and black clay, limestone, quartz etc. Based on our customers request. We have good relationship with our customers that we have supplied. We have supplied many Chinese companies in Nigeria that use our materials for their products, and other factories that use our materials during production...

The company has been in existence since September 2013, which started with only a feldspar site located in Ogun state. Years later, after the company started growing, we have a number of sites in different locations where we mine different materials. We have feldspar in Ogun state, white clay in umahia,black clay in Ogun state, coal in Kogi state, limestone in Ogun state, lead in Jos, quartz in Kogi and also Ogun state.

* * *

We take pride in mining and supplying quality materials to our customers.